!creamSH! @ Pose Fair 2017


!cream spaghetti hair! new release info!

I participated in Pose Fair 2017.

Pose Fair 2017 Poster

My booth SLurl


I released 2 new static pose pack.

!creamSH! Jump Pose Pack 2 AD

!creamSH! Jump Pose Pack 2

!creamSH! Stand Pose Pack 3 AD

!creamSH! Stand Pose Pack 3

5 static poses with mirror poses each.

Please try DEMO at my booth πŸ™‚



!creamSH! in Pose Fair & Hunt

Hello~~! This is !cream spaghetti hair!.
I information new release and Events.

❀❀ New Event 1 ❀❀
Pose Fair 2016

Pose Fair 2016 Poster
03.12 (12:00pm) – 03.26 2016 (SLT)

τ€€€!creamSH! Jump Pose Pack 1 AD
!creamSH! Jump Pose Pack 1

!creamSH! mesh hands & feet pose set 2 AD
!creamSH! mesh hands & feet pose set 2

【Dollarbie GIFT】
!creamSH! Stand Pose Pack 2 mini AD􀀂
!creamSH! Stand Pose Pack 2 mini

β–²β–Ό !cream spaghetti hair! booth β†’ β–²β–Ό

Pose Fair 20160312_!CreamSH!

❀❀ New Event 2 ❀❀
KIYOMIZU Spring Hunt 2016

KIYOMIZU spring Treasure Hunting 2016-2
03.12 (04:00am) – 04.10 (06:00am) 2016 (SLT)
My hunt prizes were hidden in two locations.
β–²β–Ό No.18τ€€Ž β–²β–Ό
!creamSH! Shelf A AD_Kiyomizu􀀐
!creamSH! Shelf A
at main shop

▲▼ No.68 􀀏 ▲▼
􀀃!creamSH! Kelly Dress AD_kiyomizu
!creamSH! Kelly Dress
at Anime Inn Market

Have a enjoy these events ❀