!creamSH! @ Pose Fair 2017


!cream spaghetti hair! new release info!

I participated in Pose Fair 2017.

Pose Fair 2017 Poster

My booth SLurl


I released 2 new static pose pack.

!creamSH! Jump Pose Pack 2 AD

!creamSH! Jump Pose Pack 2

!creamSH! Stand Pose Pack 3 AD

!creamSH! Stand Pose Pack 3

5 static poses with mirror poses each.

Please try DEMO at my booth 🙂



!creamSH! New group gift

Hello~. !cream spaghetti hair! info.

I’m sorry, I forgot post about new group gift last time.

< new group gift > subscriber group gift

I will send new group gift 2 days later.

!creamSH! Mimo Dress GG AD

!creamSH! Mimo Dress -hana/fat pack-

I’m sorry, my subscribe machine don’t have history.
I’ll sell it for cheap price if I finish sending it.

!cream spaghetti hair! main shop

!creamSH! New hunt

!cream spaghetti hair! new release info.

< New Hunt > at Anime Inn branch
I participated in Jewellery & Accessories Hunt 3.
03.01 – 03.31 2017
Hunt object is this.
my hunt prize is this.
!creamSH! Choker8 -fat pack-

!cream spaghetti hair! main shop has moved.
New location is here.

Enjoy da hunt ❤

!creamSH! The Boho Culture Fair

!cream spaghetti hair! new release info.

I participate in The Boho Culture Fair 2016.
This year is 5th Anniversary!

The Boho Culture Fair 2016
10.21 noon – 11.04 2016
my booth:
my gacha:

My new items:
<New item>
!creamSH! Gee Skirt

!creamSH! Hana long dress
!creamSH! Gaa dress

I hope enjoy the event 😀

!creamSH! non title Event

!cream spaghetti hair! new release info.

I participated in non tile event at Anime inn.
And event period also I don’t know. sorry~.
Anime inn !cream spaghetti hair! booth

Anime inn 2016.08.23http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/ZI%20Treasure%20Island/22/213/24

new items ❤ ← Discount!!!!!!!!!
[ !creamSH! Polka Dot Skirt ]
[ !creamSH! Polka Dot Top ]
!creamSH! Polka Dot Top &amp; Skirt ADBlue / Pink / Purple / Red / Yellow /

[ !creamSH! Megu Dress ]
!creamSH! Megu Dress AD10 minuets or 30L$

I hope you enjoy this event ╰(*´︶`*)╯

!creamSH! Manga Fair 2016

!cream spaghetti hair!  new release info.
I participated in Manga Fair 2016.
August 6th – August 21st 2016.
Manga Fair 2016 Poster Texture
!cream spaghetti hair!  booth at

new items
[ !creamSH! Lalala Dress ]
!creamSH! Lalala Dress AD
Blue / Green / Pink / Purple / Sky / Yellow /

[ !creamSH! Lalami Shoes ]
!creamSH! Lalami Shoes AD
Black / Blue / Green / Pink / Purple / Sky / White / Yellow /

[ !creamSH! B-Sun Gacha ]
!creamSH! B-Sun Gacha AD
12 commons + 1 rare

[ !creamSH! Dot tights ]
!creamSH! Dot tights AD
for Classic, SLINK, Maitreya

I hope you enjoy this event ╰(*´︶`*)╯

!creamSH! OSF 2016

!cream spaghetti hair! new release info.

I participated in Okinawa Summer Festival 2016.
July 15th 8:00 am (SLT) – August 21st.
Okinawa Summer Festival 2016

!cream spaghetti hair! booth at

New Items ★ at Okinawa Summer Festival

!creamSH! Flower Dress AD
!creamSH! Flower Dress
Black / Blue / Pink / Red / White / Yellow /

!creamSH! Tunic top AD!creamSH! Tunic top Key
!creamSH! Tunic top
1Rare + 6Commons

!creamSH! Japanese Pattern Dress AD!creamSH! Japanese Pattern Dress Key!creamSH! Japanese Pattern Dress
1Rare + 12Commons

GIFT ★ at Okinawa Summer Festival
!creamSH! B-Sun -Tatami set- AD!creamSH! B-Sun -Tatami set-

!creamSH! Japanese Pattern Dress LB ADs1 main shop
2 ***Ambrosia*** branch
3 —-A.N.Doo’na-mis— branch
4 Okinawa Summer Festival booth

Have a enjoy event!