!creamSH! Hunt prize only today!

Hello. (。・_・。)ノ
!cream spaghetti hair! informations.

◆ 【My Hunt prize only Oct. 31st 8:00am – Nov. 1st 08:00am SLT】
I participate in Trick or Treat Hunt.
( event venue at Panic of Pumpkin in Okinawa 2017)
My hunt prize booth is here.
Prize: !creamSH! Cotton Tights
!creamSH! Cotton Tights AD
Please touch the door and
typing ” Trick or Treat ” in dialog.
When event will over, I will sell at Market Place.

◆ I put little gift at Anime inn branch. until Nov. 1st.
Please find pumpkin object!
!creamSH! Another Dress <Hunt>
!creamSH! Another Dress -Hunt- ADPlease enjoy !


!creamSH! New release

Hi there (・ω・)ノ

Tooo long time no see ToT
Because my PC was broken.
And it has not been fixed yet.
I am fighting with PC companies now. 😦

The topic will back to my shop news!

◆ I participate in Trick or Treat Hunt
(event venue at Panic of Pumpkin in Okinawa 2017)

Panic of Pumpkin 2017http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Ryukyu/84/25/2002

I don’t know when my prize will out.
Please enjoy advent calender style hunt everyday!
my prize is ” !creamSH! Cotton Tights “.
!creamSH! Cotton Tights ADMy prize only not sell at venue maybe.
When event will over, I will sell at Market Place.

◆ I released LB at Anime Inn branch (current main shop)
!creamSH! Choco Tights
!creamSH! Choco Tights AD10 min or 30L$ sell.

◆ I released new items at Market Place and Anime Inn.
!creamSH! Variety Stockings
!creamSH! Variety Stockings AD

Have a enjoy weekend <33

!creamSH! New item, Hunt, LB

Hi! !cream spaghetti hair! new release info.

① Hunt

I participated in Kiyomizu hunt.

KIYOMIZU Spring Treasure Hunting 2017

hunt location at main shop.

Please find Neko object.

my prize is

!creamSH! Kimi Boots AD_hunt

!creamSH! Kimi Boots -fat pack-

8 colors texture change HUD included.

② New release & New release promo price at main shop

!creamSH! Mimo Dress AD2

!creamSH! Mimo Dress -knit-
black / blue / camel / green / grey / pink / purple / red / sky / white /

now new release promo 50% off price,

50L$ each color until April 1st.

Don’t miss it!

③ New LB at main shop

!creamSH! Mimo Dress !hana_pink AD

!creamSH! Mimo Dress -hana/pink-

!creamSH! Mimo Dress !hana_yellow AD

!creamSH! Mimo Dress -hana/yellow-

Have a enjoy them ❤

!cream spaghetti hair! main shop

!creamSH! New hunt

!cream spaghetti hair! new release info.

< New Hunt > at Anime Inn branch
I participated in Jewellery & Accessories Hunt 3.
03.01 – 03.31 2017
Hunt object is this.
my hunt prize is this.
!creamSH! Choker8 -fat pack-

!cream spaghetti hair! main shop has moved.
New location is here.

Enjoy da hunt ❤

!creamSH! New items

!cream spaghetti hair! new release info.

< New Hunt > at main shop
I participated in Peace On Earth Hunt 9.
December 1st – 31st, 2016
my hunt prize is this
!creamSH! PP Knit Dress -NeonPack-

< New LB > at main shop
!creamSH! PP Knit Dress -Brown-
10 minutes or 30L$

I sent a group gift last month to current subscribe members.
If you want group gift, I put and sell it on cheap price.
!creamSH! PP Knit Dress -FatPack-

Enjoy ❤

!creamSH! two events

!cream spaghetti hair! new release info.

I’m participate in two events.

Pumpkin of Panic in Okinawa
10.01 09:00am (SLT) – 10.31 2016
– Halloween market
– Trick or Treat hunt(ToT hunt)
Advent calendar-style,
1day/ 1shop / Limited 24hour gift!!
– Photocontest! (use the flicker)
Market my booth at :

My new items:
New item ❤
!creamSH! Autumn Plaid Skirt
Brown / Green / Orange / Red / Yellow /
Gacha ❤
!creamSH! Mimiko Hair Gacha
23commons + 1rare
ToT hunt prize
!creamSH! Robe du ballon + Mimiko Hair -Orange- set
!creamSH! Kii Skirt

The Upcyclers Hunt
10.01 – 10.31 2016 at main shop
Hunt Object: brown box
SLURLS. hints & pictures BLOG:
My shop prize Hint: I’m in the house
Hunt Prize
!creamSH! Cardboard Dress
3 pattern texture change hund included.
and ❤ skirt gift ❤!

I hope you enjoy these events ╰(*´︶`*)╯