!creamSH! at The Secret Room 4key

This is !cream spaghetti hair!.

I participate in
*:.:*The Secret Room*:.:* 4key
~petit cadeau Hunt&Christmas Market~
(KEY OPEN)2015.11.23(3:00 AM:SLT)
(KEY CLOSE)2015.12.7(3:00 AM:SLT)

The Secret Room 4key list

=*=* New release Gacha *=*=

!creamSH! mini Bag AD

!creamSH! mini Bag
10 common + 1 rare
Metal parts gold version and silver version,
Pose version and no pose version.
Gacha @ TSR booth

=*=* Hunt *=*=
petit cadeau Hunt prize

!creamSH! Rug set 1 AD 1024

!creamSH! Rug set 1
5 kind Rugs set. XYZ resize script included.
Prize @ temporary main shop

Have a happy shopping and hunting<3


!creamSH! at The Secret Room 3key

Hi  🙂

I released new items  at temporary main shop and

I’m participate in The Secret Room 3key ★HOLDING 336★.

!creamSH! Ribbon Short Socks ADRibbon Short Socks
Black / Blue / Grey / Pink / Red / Sky / White /
SLINK feet, SLINK Physique and Classic avatar feet both ok.

PROMO price NEW stuff area in temporary main shop.


!creamSH! ORIGAMI Crane Pierce AD

ORIGAMI Crane Pierce
24 commons + 3 rares at temporary main shop.


*:.:*The Secret Room*:.:* ★HOLDING 336★
!creamSH! Inori Candle AD 2 !creamSH! Inori Candle at The Secret Room 3key

Black / Blue / Grey / Pink / Purple / White /

Candle dome with pose. You can change texture change candle part.

【 ★HOLDING 336★ prizes】
!creamSH! ORIGAMI Crane Accessories AD

!creamSH! ORIGAMI Crane Accessories

Necklace and Bracelet
blue-gold / blue-silver / pink-gold / pink-silver /

!creamSH! Halloween Color Nail AD

!creamSH! Halloween Color Nail

SLINK female and male hands and feet Nail Applier.
Black / Green / Orange / Pink / Purple /

How to play ★HOLDING 336★ hunt :

Please read this official blog


TSR venue 3rd Round 20150928_!CreamSH!

!cream spaghetti hair! booth @ TSR


The Secret Room_LIST3key update

*:.:*The Secret Room*:.:* ★HOLDING 336★

3key:  09.28 – 10.12 (SLT)


Have a enjoy this event 😀

!creamSH! in Ai Gacha Event Round 2


!cream spaghetti hair! participated in Ai Gacha Event 2nd Round.
!creamSH! Short Socks Gacha image AD2

This is Unisex item for SLINK feet (male & female) and Classic avatar feet.
!creamSH! Short Socks Gacha Key

!creamSH! Short Socks Gacha

1 PLAY 50L$

(Socks layer, SLINK Applier and Socks top included)

!creamSH! Short Socks Gacha RARE only

They are Rare colors.

Rares only socks top are 3 style included.

normal style, white frill style, black frill style.

My booth is here


I hope you enjoy this event (●^o^●)

Ai Gacha Event

2nd Round

Ai gacha logo

June 1st – June 25th 2015

Landing Point: