!creamSH! Pose Fair

Hi! !cream spaghetti hair! information.

<< New Event >>
[Pose Fair – Annual Spring Event 2019]
I’ll participate Pose Fair.
May 4th 12PM – May 25th 11:59 PM SLT
Pose Fair Logo - Square - Whitehttp://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Brookhurst%20Cove/107/158/3001

New Pose Pack. 4 Poses + Mirros + Bonus
(no bento. please use with your favorite hand pose.)
!creamSH! Stop Pose Pack 1
!creamSH! Stop Pose Pack 1 AD

I collaborated with “A&R HAVEN” again.
9 commons + 1 rare (fat pack & texture change HUD)
!creamSH! x A&R Daiya Bag w Pose
!creamSH! x A&amp;R Daiya Bag w Pose Key

Have a great weekend❀


!creamSH! ENERGY 4 round


!cream spaghetti hair! will participate “ENERGY weekend price” 4th Round.
from 27 th April 12am SLT to 28th April 11:59 pm SLT.
Group member only can buy 50L$ price this item.

!creamSH! Variety Stockings_#ENERGY# AD
TAXI to main shop:
“ENERGY weekend price” group:

Have a enjoy weekend ❤

!creamSH! GIFT and EVENTS

Hi! !cream spaghetti hair! information time.
I’m sorry for the late update information.
They are my new works.

I made a new Japanese era name tights.
It is put as a free gift until May 2 at the main shop.

!creamSH! YumeKawa REIWA Tights AD
!creamSH! YumeKawa REIWA Tights

♥ main shop taxi ♥

<< New item >> ① *PROMO PRICE*
I’m participating Fluffy Kawaii Event new round.

!creamSH! Kyun Kyun Heart Tights AD
!creamSH! Kyun Kyun Heart Tights

♥ Fluffy Kawaii Event taxi ♥

<< New item >> ② *PROMO PRICE*
I will participate SaNaRae new round.
(Start from April 26th 7:00pm SLT)

!creamSH! Ami Ami Stocking AD
!creamSH! Ami Ami Stocking

♥ SaNaRae taxi ♥

Have a enjoy these events ❀

!creamSH! in SaNaRae 43

!cream spaghetti hair! is participate in SaNaRae 43 ROUND.

[SaNaRae 43 ROUND]
March 26th 7:00pm – April 17th 2019 (SLT)
!cream spaghetti hair! booth

This time, My new items were collaborated with
Pose, Animation, and more items shop, “A&R HAVEN“.

< NEW ITEM > ★ PROMO PRICE ★ only SaNaRae.
!creamSH! x A&R YumeKawa Bag Gacha
YumeKawaBag AD 1024 x 768_2!creamSH! x A&amp;R YumeKawa Bag Gacha Key_2

!creamSH! x A&R YumeKawa Bag Gacha 2
YumeKawaBag 2 AD 1024 x 768_1!creamSH! x A&amp;R YumeKawa Bag Gacha 2 Key_2
⇒ 18 commons, 1 RARE.
⇒ A&R HAVEN’s Bento Arm only bag pose and
Metal parts texture change HUD included.
⇒ RARE is fat pack and 4 bonus patterns
texture change HUD included.

PROMO price only in this event.
Don’t miss it 🙂

< Blogger search >
!cream spaghetti hair! is looking for
1 time only and 4 items only blogger.
These 4 items were Yume Kawaii, Kawaii,
Pastel color, Harajuku-Kei etc. themed.
Please show me my theme in your photos ❤
❤ Please apply here ❤
I will send a message only to the adopters.

 💖🎀 Have a enjoy shopping and gachas 🎀💖

!creamSH! in Fluffy Kawaii Event

New !cream spaghetti hair! item at Fluffy Kawaii Event 3rf round.

March 23th – April 13th (SLT).

!cream spaghetti hair!  booth is here.

!creamSH! YumeKawa Tights Gacha 2
!creamSH! YumeKawa Tights Gacha 2 AD 1024 x 768_1!creamSH! YumeKawa Tights Gacha 2 Key_1Include Maitreya applier, omega applier
and System tattoo layer.
18 commons + 1 rare.
Rare is all common patterns and 4 bonus patterns set!

PROMO price only in this event.
Don’t miss it 🙂

<Latest item > at main store
!creamSH! YumeKawa Tights Gacha
was back to main store.

!creamSH! YumeKawa Tights Gacha AD for flickr

Have a enjoy shopping! 🎀

Official facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Cream.Spaghetti.Hair/
Official Social VR: https://socialvr.me/cream_spaghetti_hair


!creamSH! in SaNaRae

!cream spaghetti hair! will participate in SaNaRae.

February 26th 7:00pm SLT start.

My booth is here ⇒


I will release !creamSH! YumeKawa Tights Gacha.

!creamSH! YumeKawa Tights Gacha AD for flickr

18 commons and 1 rare.
Rare is all common patterns and 3 bonus pattern set.
All item includes are
Maitreya applier, OMEGA applier and System tattoo layer.
This Gacha is PROMO PRICE only this event.

Have a enjoy Shopping and Gacha gacha ❤
I hope you like my item XD

Official Blog:

Official facebook:

!creamSH! in SaNaRae 41 Round

!cream spaghetti hair! will participate in SaNaRae 41 ROUND.
I will release Knit Tights Series.

They are all PROMO price!

!creamsh! knit tights series ad2Include: Maitreya applier, OMEGA applier and System tattoo layer.

!creamsh! dot knit tights ad2!creamSH! Dot Knit Tights

!creamsh! heart knit tights ad2!creamSH! Heart Knit Tights

!creamsh! simple knit tights ad2!creamSH! Simple Knit Tights

Available on SaNaRae.
January 26th 7:00pm Open.

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