!creamSH! New item, Hunt, LB

Hi! !cream spaghetti hair! new release info.

① Hunt

I participated in Kiyomizu hunt.

KIYOMIZU Spring Treasure Hunting 2017

hunt location at main shop.

Please find Neko object.

my prize is

!creamSH! Kimi Boots AD_hunt

!creamSH! Kimi Boots -fat pack-

8 colors texture change HUD included.

② New release & New release promo price at main shop

!creamSH! Mimo Dress AD2

!creamSH! Mimo Dress -knit-
black / blue / camel / green / grey / pink / purple / red / sky / white /

now new release promo 50% off price,

50L$ each color until April 1st.

Don’t miss it!

③ New LB at main shop

!creamSH! Mimo Dress !hana_pink AD

!creamSH! Mimo Dress -hana/pink-

!creamSH! Mimo Dress !hana_yellow AD

!creamSH! Mimo Dress -hana/yellow-

Have a enjoy them ❤

!cream spaghetti hair! main shop


!creamSH! non title Event

!cream spaghetti hair! new release info.

I participated in non tile event at Anime inn.
And event period also I don’t know. sorry~.
Anime inn !cream spaghetti hair! booth

Anime inn 2016.08.23http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/ZI%20Treasure%20Island/22/213/24

new items ❤ ← Discount!!!!!!!!!
[ !creamSH! Polka Dot Skirt ]
[ !creamSH! Polka Dot Top ]
!creamSH! Polka Dot Top & Skirt ADBlue / Pink / Purple / Red / Yellow /

[ !creamSH! Megu Dress ]
!creamSH! Megu Dress AD10 minuets or 30L$

I hope you enjoy this event ╰(*´︶`*)╯