!creamSH!will Okinawa 2 events.

!cream spaghetti hair! information.

!cream spaghetti hair! will participate in two Okinawa events.
I’m sorry, the second event is very ealy announcement.

[ Okinawa Winter Festival ]
Date: December 1st 4:00am 2018 – January 7th 06:59am (SLT)
!cream spaghetti hair! booth:

< New release > 50% OFF

!creamSH! Winter Gacha AD1!creamSH! Winter Gacha Key

!creamSH! Winter Gacha
1 PLAY 40L$. 25commons + 3rares.
Each rares are Fat Pack.


!creamSH! Many C Tights -Fat Pack- AD

!creamSH! Many C Tights -Fat Pack-

< 1L$ GIFT >

!creamSH! J-Food Tights -Fat Pack- AD

!creamSH! J-Food Tights -Fat Pack-

[ Okinawa New Year Festival ]
Date: December 25th 4:00am 2018 – January 7th 06:59am (SLT)
!cream spaghetti hair! booth:

< New release > 50% OFF

!creamSH! Mai myong Dress AD 3!creamSH! Mai myong Dress
Black / Blue / Gold / Green / Light Pink /
Pink / Purple / Red / Silver / and Fat Pack

< 1L$ GIFT >

!creamSH! Argyle Tights -Fat Pack- AD!creamSH! Argyle Tights -Fat Pack-

< DISCOUNT GACHA > Recent release Gacha.
Price down only this event!
Gacha special venue at

!creamSH! Mimiko Hair AD 2

!creamSH! Mimiko Hair Gacha
23commons + 1rare
Discount price 1Play 40L$ (regular price 60L$)

I hope you enjoy this event ❤


!creamSH! at Okinawa event

Hello~! long time no see!!

I participate in Panic of Pumpkin Okinawa 2018.

[poster] Panic of Pumpkin in Okinawa 2018

Date: October 12th 8:00am – November 1th 7:59am (PDT)

Landing Point : https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Ryukyu/24/38/1002

WEB: https://ryukyusim.wixsite.com/pop2018

Event details:  Market and Trick or Treat Hunt(Imagine the advent calendar)

◆ Event New release ◆
!creamSH! Sumire dress 】 << 50 % OFF >>

for Standard fitted, SLINK 2type bodies, Maitreya sizes.

!creamSH! Sumire dress -Ga- AD ALL

Black / Blue / Green / Orange / Pink / Purple / White /

!creamSH! Sumire dress -Mu- AD ALL

A / B / C / D / E / F / G /

And all patterns set Fat Pack.

Trick or Treat Hunt ◆ Rules

This hunt is Advent calendar style and Japan time based.

(Prize place will change on 8:00 a.m SLT each days.)

Available hunt prize is 1-2 store of a day.

If you find a gift day’s shop door,

Please touch and input “trick or treat” keyword.

Hunt Prizes are 24 hours Limited!

After hunt, the door automatically changes to vendor.

It will be sale for 50L$ until the end of the event.

Hunt Prize

!cream spaghetti hair! prize date is

Oct 21st 0:00 – 23:59 (Japan/Korea time)
Oct 20th 8:00 a.m – 7:59 a.m (SLT)

!creamSH! Alex dress AD_hunt

Prize: !creamSH! Alex dress (4 colors set)

for Maitreya and SLINK 2 type sizes

🚕 TAXI to !cream spaghetti hair! booth 🚕


Have a enjoy this event ♥

!creamSH! at Okinawa W.F.

ヽ(^▽^@)ノ Hello!

I participate in Okinawa Winter Festival 2017-2018.
Okinawa Winter Festival2017

◆ Event New release ◆
!creamSH! Ina Dress 】 << 50 % OFF >>
For Classic body, SLNK 2 mesh bodies, Maitreya mesh body.
!creamSH! Ina Dress AD 2
1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / and Fat Pack.

!creamSH! mix Gacha 】 << 10% OFF >>
For SLINK 2 mesh bodies and Maitreya mesh body.
!creamSH! mix Gacha AD
!creamSH! mix Gacha Key

◆ Event Free Gift ◆
!creamSH! MofuMofu Rug
!creamSH! MofuMofu Rug AD
6 colors set. Resize ok.
brown / green / pink / purple / white / yellow /

🚕 TAXI to my booth 🚕 ⇒⇒

◆ New LB, Gift Promo Gift etc ◆ at shop
♠ LB ♠
!creamSH! Ina Dress -LB-
!creamSH! Ina Dress -LB- AD

🚕 TAXI to shop 🚕 ⇒⇒

Please enjoy them ❤

!creamSH! New item, Hunt, LB

Hi! !cream spaghetti hair! new release info.

① Hunt

I participated in Kiyomizu hunt.

KIYOMIZU Spring Treasure Hunting 2017

hunt location at main shop.

Please find Neko object.

my prize is

!creamSH! Kimi Boots AD_hunt

!creamSH! Kimi Boots -fat pack-

8 colors texture change HUD included.

② New release & New release promo price at main shop

!creamSH! Mimo Dress AD2

!creamSH! Mimo Dress -knit-
black / blue / camel / green / grey / pink / purple / red / sky / white /

now new release promo 50% off price,

50L$ each color until April 1st.

Don’t miss it!

③ New LB at main shop

!creamSH! Mimo Dress !hana_pink AD

!creamSH! Mimo Dress -hana/pink-

!creamSH! Mimo Dress !hana_yellow AD

!creamSH! Mimo Dress -hana/yellow-

Have a enjoy them ❤

!cream spaghetti hair! main shop

!creamSH! non title Event

!cream spaghetti hair! new release info.

I participated in non tile event at Anime inn.
And event period also I don’t know. sorry~.
Anime inn !cream spaghetti hair! booth

Anime inn 2016.08.23http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/ZI%20Treasure%20Island/22/213/24

new items ❤ ← Discount!!!!!!!!!
[ !creamSH! Polka Dot Skirt ]
[ !creamSH! Polka Dot Top ]
!creamSH! Polka Dot Top &amp; Skirt ADBlue / Pink / Purple / Red / Yellow /

[ !creamSH! Megu Dress ]
!creamSH! Megu Dress AD10 minuets or 30L$

I hope you enjoy this event ╰(*´︶`*)╯