!creamSH! New Gifts

Hi! !cream spaghetti hair! information.

<< New GIFT >>
I created RL brand GABORATORY‘s SLitem.
ofc. These are authorized items from GABORATORY.

I released New 2 GIFTs at main shop.

!cream spaghetti hair! x GABORATORY G CROSS Tights AD
!cream spaghetti hair! x GABORATORY G CROSS Tights
!cream spaghetti hair! x GABORATORY Leather Bag G AD
!cream spaghetti hair! x GABORATORY Leather Bag G

!cream spaghetti hair! main shop

Have a enjoy these gifts 🌸


!creamSH! Pose Fair

Hi! !cream spaghetti hair! information.

<< New Event >>
[Pose Fair – Annual Spring Event 2019]
I’ll participate Pose Fair.
May 4th 12PM – May 25th 11:59 PM SLT
Pose Fair Logo - Square - Whitehttp://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Brookhurst%20Cove/107/158/3001

New Pose Pack. 4 Poses + Mirros + Bonus
(no bento. please use with your favorite hand pose.)
!creamSH! Stop Pose Pack 1
!creamSH! Stop Pose Pack 1 AD

I collaborated with “A&R HAVEN” again.
9 commons + 1 rare (fat pack & texture change HUD)
!creamSH! x A&R Daiya Bag w Pose
!creamSH! x A&amp;R Daiya Bag w Pose Key

Have a great weekend❀

!creamSH! ENERGY 4 round


!cream spaghetti hair! will participate “ENERGY weekend price” 4th Round.
from 27 th April 12am SLT to 28th April 11:59 pm SLT.
Group member only can buy 50L$ price this item.

!creamSH! Variety Stockings_#ENERGY# AD
TAXI to main shop:
“ENERGY weekend price” group:

Have a enjoy weekend ❤

!creamSH! GIFT and EVENTS

Hi! !cream spaghetti hair! information time.
I’m sorry for the late update information.
They are my new works.

I made a new Japanese era name tights.
It is put as a free gift until May 2 at the main shop.

!creamSH! YumeKawa REIWA Tights AD
!creamSH! YumeKawa REIWA Tights

♥ main shop taxi ♥

<< New item >> ① *PROMO PRICE*
I’m participating Fluffy Kawaii Event new round.

!creamSH! Kyun Kyun Heart Tights AD
!creamSH! Kyun Kyun Heart Tights

♥ Fluffy Kawaii Event taxi ♥

<< New item >> ② *PROMO PRICE*
I will participate SaNaRae new round.
(Start from April 26th 7:00pm SLT)

!creamSH! Ami Ami Stocking AD
!creamSH! Ami Ami Stocking

♥ SaNaRae taxi ♥

Have a enjoy these events ❀

!creamSH! in SaNaRae 43

!cream spaghetti hair! is participate in SaNaRae 43 ROUND.

[SaNaRae 43 ROUND]
March 26th 7:00pm – April 17th 2019 (SLT)
!cream spaghetti hair! booth

This time, My new items were collaborated with
Pose, Animation, and more items shop, “A&R HAVEN“.

< NEW ITEM > ★ PROMO PRICE ★ only SaNaRae.
!creamSH! x A&R YumeKawa Bag Gacha
YumeKawaBag AD 1024 x 768_2!creamSH! x A&amp;R YumeKawa Bag Gacha Key_2

!creamSH! x A&R YumeKawa Bag Gacha 2
YumeKawaBag 2 AD 1024 x 768_1!creamSH! x A&amp;R YumeKawa Bag Gacha 2 Key_2
⇒ 18 commons, 1 RARE.
⇒ A&R HAVEN’s Bento Arm only bag pose and
Metal parts texture change HUD included.
⇒ RARE is fat pack and 4 bonus patterns
texture change HUD included.

PROMO price only in this event.
Don’t miss it 🙂

< Blogger search >
!cream spaghetti hair! is looking for
1 time only and 4 items only blogger.
These 4 items were Yume Kawaii, Kawaii,
Pastel color, Harajuku-Kei etc. themed.
Please show me my theme in your photos ❤
❤ Please apply here ❤
I will send a message only to the adopters.

 💖🎀 Have a enjoy shopping and gachas 🎀💖

!creamSH! in Fluffy Kawaii Event

New !cream spaghetti hair! item at Fluffy Kawaii Event 3rf round.

March 23th – April 13th (SLT).

!cream spaghetti hair!  booth is here.

!creamSH! YumeKawa Tights Gacha 2
!creamSH! YumeKawa Tights Gacha 2 AD 1024 x 768_1!creamSH! YumeKawa Tights Gacha 2 Key_1Include Maitreya applier, omega applier
and System tattoo layer.
18 commons + 1 rare.
Rare is all common patterns and 4 bonus patterns set!

PROMO price only in this event.
Don’t miss it 🙂

<Latest item > at main store
!creamSH! YumeKawa Tights Gacha
was back to main store.

!creamSH! YumeKawa Tights Gacha AD for flickr

Have a enjoy shopping! 🎀

Official facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Cream.Spaghetti.Hair/
Official Social VR: https://socialvr.me/cream_spaghetti_hair


!creamSH! in SaNaRae

!cream spaghetti hair! will participate in SaNaRae.

February 26th 7:00pm SLT start.

My booth is here ⇒


I will release !creamSH! YumeKawa Tights Gacha.

!creamSH! YumeKawa Tights Gacha AD for flickr

18 commons and 1 rare.
Rare is all common patterns and 3 bonus pattern set.
All item includes are
Maitreya applier, OMEGA applier and System tattoo layer.
This Gacha is PROMO PRICE only this event.

Have a enjoy Shopping and Gacha gacha ❤
I hope you like my item XD

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Official facebook: