!creamSH!will Okinawa 2 events.

!cream spaghetti hair! information.

!cream spaghetti hair! will participate in two Okinawa events.
I’m sorry, the second event is very ealy announcement.

[ Okinawa Winter Festival ]
Date: December 1st 4:00am 2018 – January 7th 06:59am (SLT)
!cream spaghetti hair! booth:

< New release > 50% OFF

!creamSH! Winter Gacha AD1!creamSH! Winter Gacha Key

!creamSH! Winter Gacha
1 PLAY 40L$. 25commons + 3rares.
Each rares are Fat Pack.


!creamSH! Many C Tights -Fat Pack- AD

!creamSH! Many C Tights -Fat Pack-

< 1L$ GIFT >

!creamSH! J-Food Tights -Fat Pack- AD

!creamSH! J-Food Tights -Fat Pack-

[ Okinawa New Year Festival ]
Date: December 25th 4:00am 2018 – January 7th 06:59am (SLT)
!cream spaghetti hair! booth:

< New release > 50% OFF

!creamSH! Mai myong Dress AD 3!creamSH! Mai myong Dress
Black / Blue / Gold / Green / Light Pink /
Pink / Purple / Red / Silver / and Fat Pack


!creamSH! Argyle Tights -Fat Pack- AD!creamSH! Argyle Tights -Fat Pack-

< DISCOUNT GACHA > Recent release Gacha.
Price down only this event!
Gacha special venue at

!creamSH! Mimiko Hair AD 2

!creamSH! Mimiko Hair Gacha
23commons + 1rare
Discount price 1Play 40L$ (regular price 60L$)

I hope you enjoy this event ❤


!creamSH! at BeYou2Ful Event

!cream spaghetti hair! info.

I participate in BeYou2Ful Event November Round.

BeYou2Ful Logo 2

November 1st – November 15th 2018 (SLT)

◆ Event New release ◆
!creamSH! Akiko dress 】 << 50 % OFF >>
for Standard fitted, SLINK 2type bodies, Maitreya sizes.

!creamSH! Akiko dress AD ALL

Black / Blue / Brown / Green / Orange / Red / Yellow /

50% OFF PROMO only BeYou2Ful Event November Round!

🚕 TAXI to !cream spaghetti hair! booth 🚕


Have a enjoy  ٩(♡ε♡ )۶